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ALAHMAR Wins GIA's 'Best-in-Show' Jewelry Design Award

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Gemological Institute of America -the world’s foremost authority in gemology- awarded ALAHMAR's 'Damascene Set' the 'Best-in-Show' award.

ALAHMAR Wins GIA's 'Best-in-Show' Jewelry Design Award

The award plaque was handed on 19 Dec by Ms. Claudia D’Andrea, GIA Director for Thailand Operations and Education, who described it as a 'Stand-Out' design.

On 15 Jan, The design was nominated as a finalist to the Elite Stage of the Italian 2019 Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation Award for Jewelry Design Excellence global competition, which took place in the JCK Tucson Jewelry Fair, Arizona (USA).


Jasmine's white flower petals are depicted using various sizes of prong-set marquise diamonds framed with

a gradually narrowing halo of micro-set round brilliant diamonds that adds to the regal appeal of the set and arouses feelings of serenity and classic stance while maintaining attainable manufacturing price points.

The green twigs and leaves are visualized by inserting a dégrader set of Emeralds of vibrant healthy saturation that gives a subtle, yet eye-catching hints of life and create a balanced composition. And connecting the two materials a flexible 18K white gold handcrafted round-brilliant diamond set line that binds the whole piece softly together into a one romantic oriental symphony of a necklace.


The house of ALAHMAR cordially invites you to furthermore join us in the following upcoming international jewellery shows here.

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