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Information contained in ALAHMAR's Terms of Use contain all current policies respecting your use of this Website, and ALAHMAR's Purchasing Policy. The below is meant only as a quick reference guide, and is not intended to amend, supplement, or modify the existing Terms of Use. To the extent there exists any discrepancy between the below FAQs and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will govern.


  • Is all ALAHMAR merchandise available for purchase online?


ALAHMAR website offers a selected assortment of our newest and most popular styles, ALAHMAR full assortment is available for retailers to order through our private viewing. If our website does not currently have the item you are searching for, we may have it available at an ALAHMAR authorized retailer. Orders could take up to 3-7 weeks for shipping depending of the availability in stock. To find out about additional products, styles, or sizes, please contact

  • What metals does ALAHMAR work in?


By default, Alahmar uses 18K Gold for all merchandise for its excellent workability, durability and price point. However, we are flexible with different markets requirements and can adjust to ALAHMAR clients' preferences. We do not work in silver or industrial metals; Stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, niobium, etc., because these metals require industrial techniques and machining, which we are by choice not set up to do.


  • What warranties does ALAHMAR offer?


For diamonds and coloured gemstones: All of ALAHMAR diamonds are 100% natural, conflict-free and lab-tested for HPHT treatment and CVD synthetics. All of our gemstones are tested as well by our own in-house GIA gemologists to match their description and often accompanied by GIA/GRS lab reports upon client request. We offer a lifetime warranty on the authenticity of our gems and always disclose treatments if any.

For jewellery: ALAHMAR jewellery merchandise is tested for setting endurance and brilliance using ultrasonic vibrations and steam cleaning whenever the nature of the gemstones allows. With the level of care that goes into each piece, Alahmar not only guarantees lasting quality, but also provides lifetime warranty for all its creations. Please note ALAHMAR warranties does not include normal wear and tear or damages incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, or theft.

  • Will I receive a GIA certificate with my jewellery?

All of our diamonds and jewellery are accompanied by an appraisal signed by our own in-house GIA gemologists in order to keep the cost and production time for our customers as low as possible. But as an additional guarantee of full-disclosure and authenticity, ALAHMAR provides GIA Lab reports at an additional cost and upon customer request only, if so please specify when making an order.

  • Does Alahmar offer engraving \ inscription services?


Precision laser engraving is available and applied by default for merchandise with sufficient space for engraving (e.g. wedding band rings, pendants, etc.), it includes the company logo and gold purity hallmark by default. Custom laser engraving is available upon client request (e.g. retailer/brand logo, name, customer name initials, personal message or date, etc.), charges may apply.


Please note a limited selection of ALAHMAR merchandise can not be engraved due to aesthetic and technical constraints.

  • Is it safe to mail jewellery?


Yes, we ship ALAHMAR jewellery by trusted carriers such as FedEx and DHL-Express.

  • Does ALAHMAR guarantee the authenticity of all products sold through the ALAHMAR Website?


Yes, we guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased through the ALAHMAR Website.

  • Does ALAHMAR ship internationally?


We are happy to serve shoppers from all over the world. Pricing may vary based on your final shipping destination and duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Please check ALAHMAR Terms of Use for more information.

  • How long does it take to get my order?


All in-stock items generally take 3-5 business days to process before they are shipped out to the customer. Shipping time varies depending on location.

  • How do I track my order once it has been shipped?


An email notification with a tracking number will be sent to you once ALAHMAR ship your order.

  • Will I be charged sales tax for domestic orders on my purchase through the ALAHMAR Website?


ALAHMAR is required by law to charge local sales tax for orders shipped inside the Kingdom of Thailand. Therefore, all ALAHMAR online orders will include sales tax.

  • Will I be charged duty and tax for international orders on my purchase through the ALAHMAR Website?


Duty, customs tariffs and VAT are set by your local government. ALAHMAR is not responsible for any duty, customs tariffs and VAT collected prior to or upon delivery. ALAHMAR recommend that you consult with your local tax official to see what import duties and/or VAT you are required to pay in your place of residence. 


  • If I paid for shipping and return my item, do I receive a refund on the shipping fee?


The shipping fee is non refundable, unless we shipped an incorrect item or the item has a defect.


  • Will my purchase through the ALAHMAR Website arrive gift-wrapped?


Your purchase will be wrapped in our exclusive ALAHMAR packaging and invoice, appraisal and item tag will also be enclosed.


  • May I include a personalized gift message with my purchase?


Sure, please request this prior to completing your order.

  • Are prices on listed on the ALAHMAR Website subject to change?


Yes, prices are subject to change.

  • Do you have a retail store?

ALAHMAR is an OEM B2B jewellery atelier, we supply major retail stores around the world and do not have a physical retail store.

  • Where are your offices located?

ALAHMAR's main offices are located in the jewellery district of Bangkok, 122 Mahaset Rd., Si Phraya, Bangrak.

  • How Should I Clean My Jewellery?

In order to make the diamonds of your jewelry sparkle, ALAHMAR recommend scrubbing the item gently with a small soft brush in warm water and soap. This type of cleaning will help remove dust and dirt particles without damaging your jewelry.

  • Where do I go from here?


Contact us, we will be pleased to answer all of your questions!

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