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Private-Label Jewelry OEM & ODM

With a strong supply chain network, ALAHMAR is immersed in every aspect of the process, from rough material sourcing to certification and packaging. Let us do the legwork and worry about gemstones selection and setting; sketching; CAD and 3D prototyping, casting, setting, finishing and even packaging and media-presentation.


Supported by a creative international designers, ALAHMAR is able to provide an array of innovative designs to suit the requirements of different markets and tastes, materialize clients ideas and tailor them into branded pieces of high art.


Whether you want to bring life to what you have in mind or prefer to challenge our designers' imagination, ALAHMAR's GIA Design Award-Winning team offers B2B services that will never stop to impress.

High Quality
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Commitment to Ethics & High STANDARDS

Well equipped with the latest technology and a convoy of seasoned craftsmen and academically educated staff that works towards achieving brilliance in quality and a product that is truly a trademark of excellence, dedication to quality is not an option but an absolute necessity at ALAHMAR. Our diamonds are checked on a regular basis for detecting HPHT & CVD synthetics. We are committed to the use of natural diamonds of a clarity in the range of VVS to VS, and a color in the range of D to G in accordance with GIA standards, unless lower specifications were requested by the client.

Moreover, ALAHMAR adheres to the Kimberley Process (KP), by never dealing with diamonds coming from conflict areas where it would support wars or human suffering. Aside from such regular checks, we provide official GIA\GRS lab certificates for both loose and mounted gems upon our clients' request.


Evoking Technology in Craftsmanship

In Alahmar we love science, and we have a philosophy: if the machine is better than humans at task x, let the machine do task x. 


We do hold hand craftsmanship in high regards without compromising on our quality standards. Assisted by a purpose-built NURBS CAD/CAM softwares and prototyped into resin using state-of-the-industry 3D printing, casting with the best materials and set under microscope before being checked by our own in-house GIA certified gemologists to the utmost QC standards.

It's a marriage of beauty and technology. Innovation in design and finesse craftsmanship are the two main characters that defines our product fingerprint.

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Capitalists with a Cause

As firm believers in giving back as a way of enrichment to our own life and the lives of others, and as a gratitude to the house's ethos and historic homeland; and through the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugee (UNHCR), ALAHMAR is committed to regular donations aimed at helping refugee children and families receive the life-saving relief and aid they desperately need to re-settle in neighboring countries.


ALAHMAR is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact and quick to commit itself to upholding the Ten Sustainability Principles set out in the UN Global Compact initiative, thus underlining its exemplary social and ecological credentials.

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