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Out of a strong long-term relationship with Thai craftsmen, moving to Thailand seemed like a natural progression for the two brothers. March 2016 marked the company's official re-birth in the Land of Smiles, signing in the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), becoming a member of the Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) and then joining the Department of International Trade Promotion, Thai Ministry of Commerce (DITP). Since then, ALAHMAR inched towards autonomy, reaching today with an almost fully in-house manufacturing line that fulfills the vision of its two custodians in Bangkok; full self-sustainability and independence.


ALAHMAR had experienced an exponential growth and outstanding feedback from both its local and international clients, as well as a number of private clientele, leading dignitaries and countless red-carpet figures. At the time of writing, the house stocks to some of the most prestigious retail stores in Asia, the Middle-East, and Europe, and is taking the spotlight at jewellery trade shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and Vicenza.


On a founding business strategy of never sacrificing quality for quantity, like a small Swiss watchmaker in the Alps, ALAHMAR believes that crafting a fine masterpiece takes immaculate care with zero tolerance to défauts, thus our seating is limited. As of 2022, the house enjoys its exclusivity as a well established mid-scale haute joaillerie atelier, marking a signature expertise in bejeweled works of art that are regal and unique above all.



Co-Founder / Managing Director

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As a self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Fares has lived in various countries across the map, from the Middle-East to Central-Europe and lately Southeast-Asia, where his strong historical awareness and aptitude to diverse cultures and art forms are evident in the brand's work. Fares's academic background started with a BSc in Computer Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. He then continued with a specialization in Gemological Science, winning two scholarships and earning the industry's arguably most prestigious professional credential as a Graduate Gemologist (GG) from The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and following it with extensive apprenticeships as a diamond-grader, classic bench-goldsmith and even a polisher. In addition to that, Fares is an Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP), Graduate Pearls (GP) and Graduate Jewelry Design (JD) from the institute as well, where he was awarded GIA's 'Best-in-Show' award for excellence in jewelry design and was nominated as a finalist to the Elite Stage of the Italian 2019 Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation Award for Jewelry Design Excellence global competition, which took place in the JCK Tucson Jewelry Fair, Arizona (USA). Fares also has an experience in Computer-Aided Jewelry Design from the Gems & Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT).

Today, Fares's main role is steering the brand identity into an international modern day manufacturing powerhouse. Ensuring the stability, order and development of the company's business blueprint and overall strategic direction using the utmost efficient and modern approaches.

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I believe one must be a bit obsessed to create a memorable brand that stands the test of time, thus every piece you see here is made with a picture of an auctioneer gavel in mind raising for it in the future. Every detail is well done, because our family name is permanently attached to it." Says Fares.



Co-Founder / Managing Director

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Elias has an educational background in Business Administration and Economics from the Arab International University before he started pursuing academic credentials in the field of gemology shortly after arriving Bangkok, where he earned his Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) after undertaking the Graduate Diamonds (GD), Graduate Colored Stones (GCS) and Pearl grading programmes. Elias then has undergone a focused apprenticeship training on diamonds & colored gemstones trade intricacies, where he quickly picked up his distinctive skills in gem sourcing and selection.

As a seasoned gemstones insider with an extensive practice in the market, Elias's main expertise combined with his creative imagination and broad artistic view makes the de facto cornerstone behind the success and brilliance of every ALAHMAR masterpiece. Elias plays key roles in the company's design and manufacturing departments, in sales management and personalized clients service, where he excels in catering tailor-made gems and jewelry commissions the company provides to its international clients. Elias puts his heart into his work with a daring style and unique character.


"Ruby's crimson red, Colombian Emerald's vivid royal green, pearl's shimmering glow and cultivation, the fiery rainbows in an Australian opal and the stars phenomena in corundum, the million years old skeletons carefully preserved in nature’s time capsule, amber, and how scientists found ways to imitate nature using modern technologies, it all fascinates me. Some people like collecting cars, others addicted to travelling.. Well, I got the gemstones bug." Says Elias.

Guided by a rich legacy and entrepreneurial origins, ALAHMAR strives on its way forward to form reliable and long lasting international working partnerships that are based on mutual trust, honesty and fairness. So whether you are a retailer or an online brand, if you share our passion and values, and are open to a world of unparalleled uniqueness, now is the time to partner with an ascending brand like no other.

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