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ALAHMAR Showcasing Jewelry Making Prowess in 67'th DITP's BGJF Networking Reception

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

One of the 67th Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair's highlights, the 'Networking Reception', a sensational event that was attended by ambassadors, country representatives, exhibitors, trade counselors from DITP’s overseas offices, as well as VIPs from Thailand and international countries.

The highlight of this event was the ‘Wonder of Thai Jewels’ show that portrayed the magic of Thai gems and jewelry making, where ALAHMAR showcased 4 of its most astounding jewellery designs.

ALAHMAR's unique creations illuminated Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair's big screens & banners during its trade and public days from 7 to 11 September 2022 that was described by many as one of the most well organized full-scale jewellery exhibition since 2019, with 2,004 booths exceeding its target by a whooping 30%, and main visitors coming from ASEAN countries, China, India, United States, Israel and Russia, counting up to a total of 16,919 visitors according to BGJF statistics team.

"We are very satisfied and successful with what we are showing here. The economy has been shaky, but our jewellery is doing well. Judging from the reactions of our customers during the last 5 days of the show, I think the challenge is more external than internal. Despite of our location, our brand was pulling curious international visitors and capturing their interest in an unprecedented way."

"I can tell you with confidence that BGJF exceeded everyone's expectations this year, and we would definitely join again in its new avenue at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in 2023. ” Says Mr. ALAHMAR on a video interview with BGJF's Organizer.

The house's next international destination is set to be the iconic 'Jewellery & Gem WORLD', taking a one-off place in Singapore due to Hong Kong's lockdown. For more on that event please click here.

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