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OF THE '20S..



​In homage to style-modern of the '20s, the second generation fine jewellery designing and manufacturing house created a dedicated collection that defines the zeitgeist of the Arts Décoratifs era with articulate and geometric motifs that embodies the sheer wealth and sophistication of the Gatsby glamour in a 21st century recreation, retrospecting the essence of yesterday's art and re-engineering it with today's industrial and technological advancements.

Characterized by bold architecture, symmetrical elements and intricate retro patterns, the glistening 18k gold designs were traditionally mille-grain outlined by hand with painstaking attention and brought to life by the use of blooming round brilliant diamonds of sublime quality in a contrasting conjunction with a vivacious arrays of pavé-set selection of the big three; cailbré cut Emeralds, Rubies and

Sapphires were introduced, where every single stone was custom cut in order to line up perfectly together and match the exact dimensions of the hosting design, an extremely labor intensive and time consuming process of high precious-material wastage that keeps it from being mass produced, thus rarely practiced in modern jewellery making.


The Art Déco Collection fulfilled its purpose and objective, that is to create a luxurious throwback to antiquity and a real-world demonstration of the house mastering the stringent and uncompromising aspects of old school jewellery savoir faire, the result was an extravaganza of unforgettable jewellery items that will only get better with time and wear.


Here's a marvelous statement of refined craftsmanship and surreal splendor waiting to be worn..

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